1. What is your success rate?
I’ve helped organizations raise millions of dollars in grant support. I have a 100% success rate writing federal grants and, of those I can track, estimate a 75%-80% approval rate by foundations.
2. You have a 100% success rate? Please explain.
Yes, I have a great track record with federal grants. I attribute my success to experience as a program officer – I used to be on the federal grant making side of things. Reading federal grant proposals, deciding who gets the money, and auditing and administering federal grant programs provided an education and experience unlike no other.
I want to be clear that my success rate applies to federal grants in which I’m actively involved in both the planning and writing processes. Some agencies ask me to review and help strengthen their draft proposals, and often the revisions I suggest have to do with the program design. So it’s important to seek my input before you get too close to the deadline to allow enough time to make revisions to the project.
Lastly, I screen organizations asking for my assistance with their grants. The federal grants arena is highly competitive, and I work with organizations I believe are capable of developing and implementing successful programs. It’s too costly and time consuming for an agency to write a federal grant when they simply don’t have what it takes to compete successfully.
  • Faith-based, Educational, Social Service, Health Care, Government, and other Public and Private Organizations located throughout the United States with budgets ranging in size from under $50,000 to multi-millions.
  • Program or project
  • Capital and equipment
  • Endowment
I do not work with:
  • Student scholarships
  • Financial aid for individuals
  • I will write foundation and federal government grants
  • I will write sections of or complete grant documents
  • I will outline a proposal and direct your writing process
  • I will write a proposal and guide you in tailoring it to meet the guidelines of several foundations
  • I will help with program planning and budget development
  • I will identify the best foundation and government grant makers for your projects
  • I will evaluate and make suggestions for strengthening your grantsmanship program targeting these areas:
  • assessing the capability of your organization to apply for and manage grants
  • identifying and making your projects marketable to grant makers
  • developing grant solicitation and reporting procedures
  • improving your processes for program planning, grant writing, and cultivating grant makers
  • I will review your grant proposals and make suggestions for improving them
  • I will develop and conduct webinars and online courses.
  • I will conduct customized training programs for your staff, board, and volunteers and make presentations at conferences and meetings.
  • My clients raise millions of dollars in grant support
  • Clients establish long-standing partnerships with grant makers
  • Grant requests are approved for amounts ranging from several hundred to multi-millions
  • Federal grants are ranked first in the nation and assigned perfect scores
  • I’ve trained thousands of grant writers